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Here at PBATC, we take the approach of optimizing your tax situation to help you navigate the expansive financial landscape! We are a tax consulting firm based in Vancouver, BC and we strive to simplify the tax filing process and ensure that you meet your tax deadlines to avoid CRA penalties and interest. We seek to optimize your tax situation by utilizing a digital approach and making our team available to understand your situation. We are always ready to answer all your questions – from calculating your taxes and explaining how marginal tax brackets work. We know that taking the time to understand your personal finance or business situation can lead to tax savings, which lead to more $ in your pocket!

Our Digital Approach To Tax Filings

How We Work!


Reach Out!

What is tax? Why do I need to file taxes? How can I reduce the taxes that I owe? We can answer all these questions, and more! Please contact us directly by email or phone so that we can get to know you and understand your unique situation!


Digital Streamline

We streamline our tax consulting and business consulting process by speaking with you to understand your situation, and then walking you through our digital document compilation process.



We assist you with compiling all your tax documents! We also answer all your questions related to tax filing deadlines, tax estimations, tax assessments, tax benefits, and more.

We Offer Cloud Based Solutions

At PBATC, we offer cloud-based accounting solutions to help individual taxpayers harness the power of technology. This enables improved organization and tracking of tax related documents including T-slips and expenditure tracking, and helps to reduce the chances of mistakes due to insufficient documentation.

Cloud Based Accounting

Learn how to harness the power of cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting services to help you make strategic business accounting or business tax decisions including meeting your tax deadlines and avoiding tax overpayment.

Tax Services

Optimize your personal tax or business tax situation by consulting with us. We will look at all possible avenues for optimizing your tax situation including exploring all possible tax deductions and tax credits.

Business Consulting Services

Have an idea? Starting a business? Don't know where to start? Don't know how small businesses pay taxes? Starting a business can come with a variety of challenging questions that we are ready to answer! We provide a variety of business consulting services including small business tax planning, tax preparation, and tax filing.

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What My Clients Say?

Kevin's high level of expertise in business accounting and taxation has allowed me to focus on the day-to-day operations of my company. He has been incredibly reliable and timely in providing corporate tax support.
Rodney Noreiga
President/Owner RD Sales
Kevin is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only does he offer his clients fair prices while remaining thorough, timely and efficient, he is also an effective communicator. Being his client is the best and easiest choice I have made
Maddy Brown
Individual Tax Client
Kevin is by far the best accountant my family and I have ever had. He always provides value-added advice on how we can optimize our individual tax situation and also ensures we receive our maximum tax refunds!
Max J Becker
Associate at Prometheus
Kevin is a proven tax accountant who goes above and beyond for his clients. His calm and organized demeanor has made my young family and I confident in his work for us.
Christopher Bell
High School Teacher

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