What we do

Cloud Based Bookkeeping and Accounting

We guide individual taxpayers, sole proprietors, and small businesses in setting up and utilizing cloud-based bookkeeping platforms to streamline their accounting function. While we do the cloud-based bookkeeping for many of our clients, we also enjoy training our clients who seek to do their own bookkeeping! We are big believers in setting up systems that suit our clients’ needs. After all, if the bookkeeping and accounting data is up-to-date, then our clients are able to make strategic business decisions using this data!

Tax Services


We specialize in harnessing technology to prepare individual and corporate tax filings in an efficient and “paperless” manner. We don’t just prepare tax filings based on the initial information and documents we obtain, but we seek to understand our clients’ entire picture to obtain all the relevant information that can be used to optimize our client’s tax filing situation.


Where possible, we seek to help our clients develop a tax plan. Tax planning involves seeking out all the relevant tax saving mechanisms available to a client based on their unique personal tax and business tax situation and forecasting the tax savings that can be realized by the implementation of certain processes and strategies.


We seek to help taxpayers “get online” with the CRA! Regardless of how digitally literate our clients are, at PBATC we take the time to walk our clients through how to sign up for and use the CRA’s online tax portal (CRA My Account or CRA My Business Account) so that they can access their important tax information at any time.


Have an idea? Starting a business? Don’t know where to start? Don’t know how small businesses pay taxes? Starting a business can come with a variety of challenging questions that we are ready to answer! We provide a variety of business consulting services including small business tax planning, tax preparation, and tax filing.


Combining engineering and tax knowledge, PBATC is able to assist small businesses in applying for SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) tax credits for innovative projects that satisfy the CRA’s SR&ED criteria. SR&ED claims require careful attention in constructing the technical reports that are reviewed by the CRA’s technical team. These reports are submitted with a Company’s tax filing along with the financial expenditure analysis that determines the amount of the tax credit. At PBATC, Surbhi Seru liaises extensively with the client to determine SR&ED eligibility and map out the pathway to a successful SR&ED claim!


Are you new to Canada and unsure what Canadian tax filings are all about? Well, you are at the right place! At PBATC, we understand the challenges you may face when immigrating to Canada and seek to not only assist you with tax filing services but also educate you on the importance of staying up to date with your tax filings!